25 thoughts on “Roger Federer Vs Pete Sampras (HD) Part 1”

  1. Brilliant Pete, for me he is the King, cause his game was the most powerful
    and he was the best player on the net…love him

  2. @T3hMightyIsBack I got it, friend. But when you entitle a video “HD”, it
    must have 720 or 1080p. I won’t deny it’s best quality on youtube, but i
    prefer it better. That’s what i was saying. HD, my ass. lol

  3. The highlights were interesting but they need to be more balanced. It’s not
    fair to show one player’s highlights alone.

  4. It’s a tough call. One of those two just had, probably, the best serve of
    all time in men’s tennis. And his volleys were just absolutely spetacular,
    too. However, I would agree if you tell that Federer has baseline shots
    that hurted more than Sampras’. Federer’s forehand is as good as Pete’s
    was, and about backhand I am going with Rog. What makes my pleasure it’s
    just the great variety in Federer’s game, and the elegance that he makes
    those staggering shots. On the debate, I am Fed for the GOAT.

  5. By all means I have nothing against Federer but what the heck there isn’t
    any points shown that Sampras won.

  6. @mat6651 sorry,this is a poor video..they were head to head and you could
    only put federer’s winners.shame on you

  7. I think federer at prime was better than sampras, but I still wish you
    could have included more clips of Sampras’s winning points. The second set
    is all Federer even though Sampras won it

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