18 thoughts on “John McEnroe’s most famous outburst happened in Stockholm in 1984”

  1. What a total asshole….only an American from New York, who’d a figgered,

  2. He was just intense, he never hit people, and now people miss him, damn
    hypocrites. Mac attack was the greatest yell

  3. I’m sorry but your all a bunch of jerks who refuse to answer the question
    which is? isn’t Mac attack the greatest lefty tennis player ever:lol

  4. Yes, John was very argumentative in his matches. However, he was also a
    very good player. Should he have gotten banned from tennis? No. If anything
    he made the sport more famous on the Western side.

  5. they were egging him on bigtime and he just gave them what they were
    looking for. not only was he a great player but he was an incredible
    actor. most of those outbursts were for attention.

  6. if you would be a regular amateur player and you´ll mess around like this
    your club will suspend for the rest of your life i suppose. when you´re
    professional media calls you the bad guy and everythings allright with
    that. that´s sports business.

  7. Watching these brings back so many memories of my own childhood tennis
    competition. We idolized Mac, Lendl, Borg, Conners Vilas, and so many
    others. Watching Breakfast at Wimbledon then going out to practice for 5
    or 6 hours was just the best Saturday and Sunday ever! 

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