11 thoughts on “Pete Sampras on Letterman (1994)”

  1. David Letterman’s disdain for his guests are beyond belief, how people go
    to his show I dont know…I remember he used to scream in their ears “thank
    you for coming to the show”. I am sure he and his staff beg people to come
    to the show than he insults them in an underhanded sort of way. Letterman
    used to be funny when he was young. How he could do this to a young Pete
    Sampras is beyond stupid and not funny, obviously Sampras looks so
    bewildered wondering this is not funny. I miss Don Rickles who would make
    fun of people in a hilarious outlandish way but was so outlandish it could
    not be insulting really, but simply hilarious to even the person he was
    making fun of. I don’t see Sampras laughing here.

  2. Sampras one of my all time favorites, but god he comes off as a giant
    boring douchewaffle here!

  3. is it me or does Pete remind you of Justin Bieber when he was on David
    Letterman in Nov 2011…

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