21 thoughts on “Borg vs McEnroe (Wimbledon Classic 1981)”

  1. Epic match, although to be fair, this song would make a first round match between Ivo karlovic vs John Isner seem pretty epic, too.

  2. even though john mcenroe might not have won the most grand slams in human history, his technique and fabulous play will always be memorised for eternety 🙂

  3. mcenroe is my opinion is the most gifted player to ever play the game, when he was at his best around 83-84 there was noboddy who could touch him

  4. I don’t know what you wanted to imply in utterly ridiculous comment of yours, but I think this video was about the genius of McEnroe and the way he played. You don’t need to be an American to realize that or even appreciate that!

  5. well my eyes are glued on Borg, this Swedish tennis genius, not everyone is american you know..

  6. Even though the other player is none other than the great Bjorn Borg, your eyes still remain glued to this American tennis genius!

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