24 thoughts on “Borg vs. McEnroe — Tie Break, 1980 Wimbledon Final, 4th Set (Part 1)”

  1. borg was the reason i started to love tennis…..the greatest champion ever …

  2. I remember seeing this live (all of 12 years old) and was on the edge of my seat. One of the best sets ever!

  3. Will you please be quiet during tie break match play! Great upload, despite the lack of quality…

  4. lol 1:43 “please be quiet during the tiebreak game”
    Did they know much it would carry on for 20 minutes xD

  5. I you are referring to the girl with short hair wearing the maroon top, it is Mariana Simionescu…Bjorn Borg’s girlfriend at the time and later his wife. She was also a tennis player and is from Romania, I think.  Very attractive!!

  6. I was just a year old when this happened but heard A LOT about this match from my DAD, uncles and grand uncles..and even reading the comments of various tennis lovers of their memories of this final is terrific.
    I would put the Fed-Safin AUs open 05 match as the BEST MATCH i’ve ever witnessed 🙂

  7. My Friend, Greetings from Australia! Thanks for uploading the US version of it. I’m sure many Tennis fans and purists will enjoy this as the camera angles were a bit different and also commentary by Bud Collins. Can you upload the fifth set plus after match interviews as it was screened on the NBC network?

  8. I was just a kid but I remember that Sweden stod still that day. My teacher let us watch the game instead of having class. He said that this was a history lesson in the making and he was right. The game might be faster today but this must be the best tennis match ever played…

  9. i love tennis, and i had already fallen in love with john mcenroe when he hit at wimbledon ’77. borg/mcenroe are the best modern tennis rivalry i’ve ever seen. i always watched “breakfast at wimbledon” july 4th holiday for the men’s finals, so i saw this entire match. my god, it was incredible. this entire game (tiebreaker in particular) was the best tennis i have EVER SEEN. i was screaming for mcenroe on every point! thanks for posting….

  10. The best tennis Match in men’s tennis history and that includes this year’s Australian Open final. These guys brought out the very best in each other.

  11. My parents had pushed me towards tennis (I stunk at it), but after Dad died in 1979, I kept watching. One early July morning in 1980, I watch this as part of “Breakfast at Wimbeldon.” This was long before ESPN or 24-hour sports coverage, so it was odd to see a championship event at that hour. I saw this amazing tiebreaker live, and it just left everyone speechless. These two players needed each other to bring out their mutual greatness.

  12. This is one of the first tennis matches I ever saw on TV and fell in love with the game – I was on the edge of my seat and picked Borg to cheer for.

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