25 thoughts on “Wimbledon Classic Match – Federer vs. Sampras”

  1. Have you ever watched tennis in the 90’s? Surfaces where much more different from each other than today (ask Lendl). As you said grass was faster and less bouncy, but clay was much slower, the only ones that are still the same more or less are hardcourts. Before they changed grass on wimbledon courts only 2 players won it without serve and volley. Clay players like Nadal would have never won it. Today is much easier, you almost need to develop only one game for all the surfaces.

  2. You forget to put in the mix new much lighter rackets and strings. You can’t compare the two easily. Ivanisevic said that he’s serving faster now (40yo) than when he was an active player only because of new equipment. Agassi said that when after 15 years using the same strings switched to new ones he almost had too much rotation. It’s not like comparing wooden rackets to graphite ones, but is getting close.

  3. dont be stupid sampras was old, 32yrs
    sampras had a stronger serve and was way more quick and athletic
    it would be a good match

  4. Hmmmm,in 90’s tennis surfaces didn’t change a lot. Federer started with a fast grasscourts and if it stayed like that,he wold dominate on grass totaly. But he adopted very well on this slowing down of grass and hardcourts. Supouse that happened in 90’s, I’m not sure if Sampras would have that kind of success. Then,that would aloud players like Agassi or Chang to have even more success than they had. That’s why Nadal,Djoko and others are so god. Fed just has more variabillity then Sampras.

  5. Sampras is the better player everywhere out of clay. No one can touch him in his prime.

    I prefer to be by far the best grass-court player ever than to be the most universal player.

  6. I showed this to my mom after she watched the 2011 French Open final and she said Federer was practically a baby because he looked/was so young

  7. This was when Sampras was the defending champ, while Federer wasn’t even Federer yet. At his best (ie: 2004-2007), Federer would have smoked any version of Sampras.

    If it wasn’t for Nadal’s advantages on clay (spinny lefty forehand to Roger’s 1-handed backhand), Federer would have 22 Slams and people would have stopped asking questions a long time ago. No other great had a rival who presents such match up problems, which only adds to Fed’s greatness imho.

  8. I believe in the golden rule, whoever has the gold, rules. Right now, Fed’s got Wimbly gold x 6!

  9. On website “tennisthoughts”:

    And that´s that. End of discussion.

  10. I love Roger Federer and he’s my favorite.

    I do think it’s sad they changed the Grass at Wimbledon and hurt the serve and volley play.

    Love Roger

  11. Hi Weezy, I think you are confusing our program with a game. This is a DVD of the actual recorded live match between Federer and Sampras.

  12. Thank you for your comments! At this time, Kultur cannot post the entire video clip on YouTube. However, the DVD is available for purchase by visiting our website.

  13. Porbably the best Picture quality I’ve seen of this incredible match. Looks almost like HD



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