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Roger Federer not favorites anymore

It was after quite a bit of time that people were putting their money on Roger Federer to go all the way in a Grand Slam tennis tournament.

The Switzerland international was the top contender at Melbourne Park this year. He had been in quality form for the last 6 months or so and nobody would have imagined him to perish in round no. 3 itself.

But, you are never too far away from upsets in sports, definitely not in such a competitive age when the unknown players always tend to surprise you.

Well in Federer’s case, the player who defeated him is not quite an unknown one.

Andreas Seppi it was who clinched that tough encounter against the second ranked player in the world and he is a guy whom regular tennis watchers would know well.

The Italian has been around for over a decade and has won some big matches in the past too.

But, still Federer’s challenge was supposed to be slightly too hard for him, but, no, that wasn’t the case to be. He toppled the Swiss legend in a 4-setter.

Out of the four sets though, two went into the tie breaker. So, there was tough fight there in the game, but, Federer could not grab the crucial points which he normally does.

The 33-year old was speculated to have come to the tournament with a slight problem

in one of his hands. Was that the reason he could not be at his ruthless best? Or was he just outplayed by a better player on the day?

Whatever might be the case, one thing is for certain that this performance would not have amused Federer’s fans a single bit and the player himself would have been shattered too.