25 thoughts on “Rafa’s interview with John McEnroe”

  1. @overratednadal and do you go around looking up videos of Nadal and
    insulting them? That doesn’t make you look like someone who has too much
    time on their hands at all..

  2. I love Rafa but turn the subtitles on and look what the subtitles when Rafa
    speaks also when John says Rafael Nadal the subtitles says “:Ruffin Adele”
    ??? hahah

  3. @Mondibaby All the stats used to say John was 5 ft 11 and Rafa 6ft 1. Looks
    like John has shrunk or Rafa is still growing !!!

  4. see the respect mcenroe has for rafa:)he’s in awe of a brutal and poetic

  5. Whether you prefer Federer or Nadal, they both deserve our utmost respect.
    Two great champions and two gents…

  6. nadal : like practise with you all day mc enrol: thanks you for lying wtf
    he relly say that . fu*k you mc enroll

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