11 thoughts on “Pete Sampras vs Andre Agassi US Open 2002 Final Highlights HD”

  1. I hated how Agassi lost so many times to Sampras back then, Sampras had the
    killer serve and volley and he didn’t need to be really good at anything
    else ,while Andre had everything but the killer serve .

  2. Sampras is so boring to watch. all he know is huge serve or serve & volley.
    His game just sucks!

  3. I’m a little sad to say how slow the game seems now. I vividly remember
    watching this the night it happened. However, Rafa and Fed have
    fundamentally shifted the game forward in speed, accuracy, and agility.

  4. I love that this is in Japanese,…..love it, frickin love the Japanese,
    haha. Wish the video was a bit better though…hello.

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