17 thoughts on “Borg vs. McEnroe — Tie Break, 1980 Wimbledon Final, 4th Set (Part 2)”

  1. The trouble with watching tennis on YouTube is…YOU CAN’T SEE THE DAM BALL!!!!

  2. The trouble with watching tennis on YouTube is…YOU CAN’T SEE THE DAM BALL!!!!

  3. THANK YOU for posting this; wonderful to see the NBC version, which I still vividly remember watching live in 1980. Greatest match ever, period, from the last great years of REAL tennis—played with the right-sized racquets of the first 100 years of the game, prior to the modern oversized rocket launcher racquets, which have forever altered/downgraded the wonderful original game of tennis… Borg rules supreme and would have vanquished all modern players had they used traditional sized frames.

  4. What a MATCH. This relied on PURE talent and not such the physical preparation as we see in today’s players. AWESOME

  5. You are welcome. Sorry it’s not better quality. The old VHS tape had really degraded before I considered it for YouTube. I’ve had a few friends on YouTube try to work with it at 360p or higher but nothing seems to help very much.

    I would like to combine segments and post the entirety in one video but my time limit is 15 minutes.

    I appreciate the positive comment. Generally on the tennis videos when a new comment surfaces I expect it to be a rip on video quality.

  6. made comments on part 1, but gotta thank you for following through with parts 2 and 3. you rock. this footage and rivalry is absolutely timeless. it should be playing on a loop in the tennis hall of fame indefinitely.

  7. Da notare che i due indossano completi Italiani, Fila e Sergio Tacchini.

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