13 thoughts on “Sampras vs Stich 1992 Wimbledon QF”

  1. What a match by Sampras ! Impressive. So focused and so cool together. And not a single technical weakness on grass. He is definitely the king of Wimbledon.

  2. What I was trying to say is: Thank you for posting !
    But if you delete the last sentence of your description it would be THAT MUCH MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE TO WATCH . Thank you.
    By the way commentaries are in German language and as it goes for them, it’s hillarious how negative the commentator criticizes Stich ALL THE WAY, he must be a multiple Wimbledon winner himself……..

  3. Well, you might don’t like it.
    But points of showing this match are
    to demonstrate Back to old days, How real grass tennis was played!
    How those old Masters(Wimbledon Champions) Michael Stich and Pete Sampras played tennis on the real grass.
    It’s been 20-year already from then on, but it is such a beautiful match to watch no matter what!

  4. now what is the point of watching this now, that you’re giving away the outcome underneath the video, %)***#@

  5. Seems like all the matches now will be all on you tube soon. Together we seem to be joining up the dots and in some cases duplicating – I know – particularly me. This is one is an all time classic.

  6. LOL! Doesn’t matter, because he didn’t….that’s the fact of the matter. Stich had talent, and a good game, but he was flakey, and also prone to choking on occasion. That’s why his hated rival Becker ended up as an all-time great, and Stich will be a one-slam wonder. Stich had more talent than Becker but Becker was mentally much stronger, and played better on the big occasions, in general.

    Stich”s bad temper, and generally whiny disposition didn’t help him in the mental department.

  7. nothing against pete, but michael had a very bad day back then. if he had played like he did 1 year before, defeating courier, edberg and becker to win the whole thing, it would have been much closer.

    final head-to-head between sampras and stich: 4-5

    sampras: “if we all play at the peak, michael stich is the best of all”

    i don t agree but stich was always a horrible opponent for pete.

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