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Boris Becker Continues as Coach of Novak Djokovic

Boris Becker is looking to keep working as the coach of the Serbian superstar Novak Djokovic.

The duo has been together for about 10 months now and that period has been immensely successful for Djokovic. He has won a Grand Slam in the form of Wimbledon and has also become the first ranked player in the male’s category leaving Rafael Nadal behind.

According to Becker, the challenge for Djokovic during the 2015 season will be to make sure that he stays at the top.

This is not the first time that Djokovic is the no. 1 in the world. But, his problem is that he doesn’t cling onto that position for a long duration.

When Federer got to no. 1, he held that position for quite a few years. He did not let anybody come even close to him. But, Djokovic has not been able to do so.

Djokovic’s two closest competitors at the moment are Federer and Nadal.

Federer is 33. He will not get better now. He has been terrific this season, but, at this age, there is no guarantee of fitness and consistency.

Nadal is a bit younger than Federer, but, the injuries just continue to unsettle him from time to time.

So, Djokovic has no real danger from anyone and there is no reason why he cannot maintain his top ranking.

When asked what would be Djokovic’s ambition next season, Becker said, “I think it’s a bit too early to start thinking about the next season.  We must get done with this one first.”

“Ranking is something which is of course very important. You don’t want to slip down. Novak’s other ambition in the French Open, but, we will see that later. At the moment, the priority is the tour finals.”