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Lleyton Hewitt enjoys a lot of support in the Australian Davis Cup camp

It seems Lleyton Hewitt enjoys a lot of support in the Australian Davis Cup camp.

Everyone in that change room respects him and has supported the decision of him being appointed the captain next year.

Currently, it’s Wally Masur who is in charge of the Australian team, but, he is almost certain to be replaced by Hewitt come January.

Hewitt has recently been working with a couple of young Australian players i.e. Kokkinakis and Kyrgios and both of them have been quite impressed with the vast knowledge of the game that the veteran has.

Speaking about him the other day, Kyrgios said, “Lleyton is someone whom I’ve always looked up to. He is such a class act.  He knows a lot about the technicalities of the game. It’s wonderful to talk to him and learn.”

“He has taken some time out of the busy schedule that he has and is helping us which is quite appreciable.”

When asked if Hewitt is going to be his coach for the foreseeable future, the 20-year old said, “Let me make it clear that I have not appointed him as coach. He has been here just to provide some inputs to me and Thanasi. He is also to be given the charge of Davis Cup side. So, being here with us and mentoring, it’s beneficial for him too as he would be able to prepare himself mentally for the leadership role that is coming his way.”

Apart from Kokkinakis and Kyrgios, Hewitt is believed to be on fine terms with another young player Bernard Tomic too.

Although Tomic’s relationship with the Australian tennis board is currently poor but, he is someone who has to return at some point of time representing the team in the Davis Cup.