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CiCi Bellis is the youngest player in the female’s category

Barring any major upsets in the ongoing Miami Open tennis tournament, CiCi Bellis, probably the youngest player in the females’ category on the professional tour, would be facing her compatriot and World no. 1 Serena Williams in a couple of days’ time.

The youngster has made it to the second round and now, she is just one win away from making sure that she plays Serena.

Bellis, who is just 15 years of age, had become a subject of interest the previous season when she beat a much senior player Dominika Cibulkova at Flushing Meadows.

Nobody of such a young age had won an American Open fixture for a long, long time.

After 1996, it was the first time that a teenager, getting entry into the tournament through the qualifiers, pulled off such a big upset.

However, that proved to be a one off there for Bellis as she lost immediately thereafter and was knocked out.

She doesn’t want her journey to go that same way in Miami too. She is looking to go the distance here.

According to Bellis, in the past, she used to let the hype get on her a little bit, but, over this winter, she has realized that a sportsperson should always be focussed no matter want.

Bellis also said that she never worries about the reputation of the player whom she is up against. She plays the way she always plays.

After her first win in Miami, Bellis was quoted as saying, “The ball which is coming towards you, you’ve got to concentrate on that ball only. It doesn’t matter who is hitting it to you. I know at this age, I am only going to gain. I am not losing anything. So, it is all fun.”