25 thoughts on “Wimbledon 1980 Final – McEnroe vs Borg 23/23”

  1. Bjorn Borg was such an inspiration for me to play tennis.He made you feel
    like anyone could pick up a racket and play.He didn’t have that spoiled
    brat attitude of all the other tennis stars(past and present).With his long
    hair and calm,cool demeanor, beating the establishment without ever losing
    his temper.Well done.He truly played for the fun and love of the sport
    ,when he lost you could barely see a change in that
    calm smile.Let’s play again.Really,really admired him.

  2. And borg gets a check of £20K… hehe, man the game has come quite a way
    since then, but still one of the best matches of all time. The 4th set
    tiebreak has to be one of the best moments in sporting history… let alone

  3. I remember watching this match live on tv as a young boy. Little did I know
    then that I was seeing probably the finest final of any tournament. What a
    priviledge. What a memory. Indeed Borg will alwas be the best of all time.
    Thanks for the memories Bjorn.

  4. Aw… This is the match that I first fell in Love with John McEnroe! Never
    have I seen anyone fight so hard… & I believe I yelled out at the end,
    “Next year, John! Next YEAR!!” 😀

  5. 4:31 the look on Borg face… “well that turned out harder then i expected”

  6. Thank you Bjorn, for those good old days. Boy, was I happy then… Love &
    light from sunny Florianópolis, Brazil.

  7. Thank you Bjorn, for those good old days. Boy, was I happy then.. I also
    feel old watching this and remembering the emotions it brought out at the

  8. Anch’io ero una ragazzina quando ho visto quest’incontro in diretta
    memorabile veramente campioni d’altri tempi, la storia del tennis !

  9. borg….the greatest ever..he was my hero back wen he ruled wimbledon…and
    to me will always be the best…great sportsman brilliant player..x

  10. Great match, i became a tennis fan due to this match. I also feel old
    watching this and remembering the emotions it brought out at the time.

  11. Have you seen Federer cry at the Aus Open ceremony ? Curse at the umpire at
    the US Open final ? Hit a shot to his opponent’s face at Wimbledon 2nd
    round after being 2 sets and a break down?

  12. IceBorg was an hero, no one like Him; he was, and will be forever, a
    semigod. Thank You for the great memories You gave us. You are, and will be
    forever, the greatest tennis player ever

  13. Borg, was an animal, no 1 could beat him in his prime, he was like the
    federer of the 70’s.

  14. Borg was a jerk too like the time he walked out on the US Open final
    ceremony when he lost the final, never seen the great Federer or Nadal do

  15. My friend, do you have good quality copies of either 1978 U.S. or Wimbledon
    Mens final? I have copies but they are average. The 1978 U.S.Open
    especially is “ghosting”.

  16. “Om du är rädd för att förlora, vågar du inte heller vinna.” (*Björn Borg*)

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