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Born in Le Man, in France, the French tennis player was born in the year 1985. Jo- Wilfried Tsonga, a member of the Tennis  Club de Paris has consistently been ranking high at number 5 position  which he achieved in the month of February in 2012. The point that questions everyone is that how Jo- Wilfried Tsonga managed to come up the ranking table and be so high. It all happened during the 2008 Australian Open when he was a non seeded player but defeated all seeded players reaching the semi finals against Rafael Nadal. Jo- Wilfried Tsonga took this opportunity to prove his worth and defeat Rafael Nadal reaching the finals of the tournament against Novak Djokovic.  He performed commendably but lost in the finals.

Jo – Wilfried Tsonga once again played well and performed by reaching the finals of the 2011 ATP World Tour Finals but again unfortunately lost to five time champion Roger Federer.  Jo- Wilfried Tsonga participated in the 2012 Open 13 where he received a bye in the first round itself. He the went on to reach the quarter finals where he played against Roger Vasselin and even defeated him.  The semi finals of that tournament was the most interesting match to look forward to with Jo- Wilfried Tsonga going against Del Potro both fighting equally hard for a place in the finals. However the tournament ended with Del Potro defeating Llodra and winning the tournament.

In the 2012 Qatar Open, Jo- Wilfried Tsonga was the number 3 seed in the tournament.  The first few rounds were very easy for him and he got past his opponents very easily. Surprisingly the quarter finals too were a cake walkwhen he finally met Federer on the semi finals. However Federer withdrew at the last moment, giving Tsonga a win in the finals getting the title of the 2012 Qatar Open.

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