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Many pundits and experts have mentioned Roger Federer as the greatest tennis player, of not only the Open Era but throughout its history as well and I, for one, have no reason to argue with them. Over the years, we are so used to the fact that Federer ending an event with the winner’s trophy in his hands that it was almost in disbelief that I turned to the screen to see him lose his world number one crown. But that hasn’t changed anything for the Swiss Mister. He still remains his calm and collective self when he steps onto the court to the time when he gets out of it.

The consistency in his play is gone, say the haters but the fact that he has reached the Quarter Finals stages of the Majors a total of 30 times speaks volumes about his career. This translates to the fact that over the last eight years, he has remained as one of the last eight men standing in a Major tournament. Some feat, I say by the great Roger Federer.

His competitors and the top two ranked players in the world at the moment, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have fallen victims to their injury woes, which have not allowed them to maintain such a record but the fact that Federer manages to remain so fit for so long in this day of modern tennis is quite remarkable indeed.

Just to justify that he is indeed the greatest player of all time, stating that he won 24 consecutive finals at a stretch will be enough in my opinion and when you add to that the fact that Roger Federer has won an unprecedented 16 Grand Slam titles goes to show that he is indeed the greatest ever, a legend of the game.

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