25 thoughts on “Bjorn Borg v John McEnroe – A Tribute”

  1. I loved these two when I watched tennis in the 80s, they were both brilliant. I don’t give a crap about tennis now but if these two were just starting out I’d watch again.

  2. @Kommaseir Yeah, you’re right. Granted. But hey -wait 10 years and you’ll see the “emotional impact” of the Rafa-Roger rivalry. Come on, we’re talking about two colossuses of tennis history colliding. They even have their own “best of all time match”. My intention is not to put the Borg-Mac thing down, but to show it in its real terms.

  3. @miguelucho20008 Those are great stats but so what? You can’t quantify the emotional impact from stats, nor how remarkable and memorable things are from stats. That’s what the Borg vs. McEnroe rivalry evokes: something beyond just stats.

  4. @miguelucho20008 The Borg vs McEnroe rivalry is way greater, not because of the statistics, but because of what it means to tennis history, it´s classic, it divides the old era from the new one. Borg vs McEnroe is as classic as The Beatles vs The Stones, or God vs Satan… The Rafa-Roger thing is a modern but insipid version of a legendary rivalry.

  5. @ChampionsTennis exactly. borg-mcenroe, especially that wimbledon tiebreak MADE tennis. tennis became part of the lexicon of sports. wimbledon itself took on a huge new footprint in the US that it never had before.

    it was a seminal moment not only in sports history but also something that made modern tennis into what it is today. there’s nothing comprable. the only reason miguel even know about federer-nadal is on the base that mc-borg laid

    maybe in 20 year li na’s first win for chinese?

  6. Borg was the best…the guys of today serve, turn round get towel from servant, wipe brow, serve, you know the rest….borg would never ask for a replay even on match point…he was the coolist tennis player EVER

  7. I’m from Sweden and I remember watching these two. Fact: Borg would just be another Federer or Agassi had it not been for McEnroe. Instead McEnroe ensured him a place in history, outside tennis.

  8. @ucla4eva He hated playing at night – and the Open had a LOT of night matches. But the lighting was
    the same for all so I give the players that beat him their credit.

  9. Borg was an inspiration to me.

    He’s why I took up the game. I even became a sales rep for Donnay raquets back in the day.

    I miss that era and those great players.

  10. lol best rivalries: Laver and Rosewall, Borg and Mcenroe, Navratilova and Evert..Nadal and Federer don’t even come close. They’ve only played 20ish times. Navratilova/Evert and Laver/Rosewall played over 80 times each

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