10 thoughts on “Stefan Edberg – Boris Becker. Wimbledon 1990.”

  1. I loved the rivalry between these 2 between ’88 and ’90. I rooted for Edberg and was glad he won 2 out of the 3 games..The beginning of the end for Tennis before the power and back of the court play took over post ’90..

  2. @ferrari79100 Don’t forget one of Edberg’s Australian Open titles was on grass. So, they won three grass court slams each. And let me re-phrase that….Edberg was the better grass court player that day. They were pretty even overall. I loved the rivalry.

  3. The late 80’s early nighties was the golden years for tennis, so many great players around at the same time !

    Becker, McKnroe, Edberg, Lendl, Cash, Agassi, Stich, Ivanišević

  4. great fighting spirit by edberg; this day becker was tired and not many concentreded; in this video we watch the last game; in this game edberg was faovorited by the balls change; and the balls not rebounded more on the ruined grass court

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