25 thoughts on “Borg vs Mc Enroe: The Tie Break”

  1. @killerwaz88 haha that was a good joke. it was almost as funny as if you said kesha and justin bieber are talented artists.. and this is about tennis

  2. both are great players i think if both started at the same time there would be more of a rivalry

  3. @adrianchani
    I agree, there should be no music added to this epic tie-breaker. At least he’s got good taste. Bettter this then the Bieber & co crap!

  4. Mcenroe’s form is so weird but i bet he could still kick my ass at tennis anyday

  5. Everyone is complaining about not being able to see the ball, but you can see a testicle at 3:37.
    At least there’s 1 ball you can see in the vid.

  6. The best macth I’ve ever seen is the Wimbledon final 2008 but I’ve never seen this Borg/McEnroe final, so I can’t tell which one is the best in history.
    Though this tiebreak was very dramatic I have to say that serve and volley is very annoying, Wimby final 2008 gets my vote for the best match of all time.

  7. Battle of the Giants…
    Thanks for the memories…
    I was always rooting for McEnroe and/or Connors but in many ways I feel bad for Borg that he never won The US Open…

  8. Hard to say who was best (I’m a Super Mac fan), easy to say that nothing is best than Borg Vs. Mac

  9. Who was the better between Borg And Mac?Maybe Mac,in the end of their encounters,or maybe Borg would have continued beating him if he had not retired so early.

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